Exercises To Do At Home

5 effective no-equipment workouts you can do at home | TheHealthSite.com

Doing exercises at home

If you want to stay in shape but do not want to join a gym, you can exercise at home.

5 Fitness Items

An effective fitness program has five components, each of which you can do at home:

  • Warm-up exercises.
  • Aerobic exercise or also known as cardio exercise.
  • Strength and resistance exercises.
  • Exercises that increase flexibility.
  • Relaxation exercises.
  • Warm-up exercises

You can warm up by walking outside, on a treadmill, or on a stationary bike at home.

Aerobic exercises

You can follow a video to do cardio exercises correctly and stimulate your heart and blood vessels. Skipping rope may also work well in this case.

Strength and resistance exercises

This part is very simple. Squats, chest presses and abdominal exercises can be practiced. Exercises can also be done with small dumbbells or light weights.

Exercises that increase flexibility

You can increase your flexibility by doing yoga and stretching exercises.

Relaxation exercises

Cool-down exercises are somewhat similar to warm-up exercises. The goal is to restore the heart rate to a normal, resting position.