Exercises To Lose Weight With Pictures

Weight Loss Exercises

Regular exercise is essential for good health, especially if you are trying to reach a specific weight. Learn Examples of Weight Loss Exercises with Pictures.

Weight lifting exercises

Weight lifting exercises can improve body composition by increasing the size and density of muscles, and it can also help increase the metabolism rate, which is the number of calories that the body burns during rest periods, but these exercises need trainers and start in a gradual way, so do not start with them by yourself.

Planck exercise

The plank exercise is an example of an exercise for weight loss, and it can be done in your home without going to the gym. You only have to go down on the floor and lean on your hands and feet comb, make sure that your body looks like a straight line, while keeping the abdominal muscles tight inward.

Jumping rope

It is a cardio-friendly exercise that can help you burn 318 in 30 minutes. Stand up, straighten your back and keep your feet close together, then jump off the ground, let the rope pass under your feet, and repeat the process again.

Running with a kick in the ass

The butt kicking exercise during jogging is one of the cardiovascular weight-loss exercises. To practice this exercise properly, stand up and spread your feet hip width apart, and keep the abdominal muscles inwardly tight, then start running with your leg kicking back, try to touch your foot with your ass as much Possible.


Squatting helps burn calories, be sure to avoid this exercise if you suffer from health problems in the joints, and to do this exercise you have to stand up straight with your feet spreading apart the width of the hips, then take the squat shape by pushing the butt back and bending the knees, then jump and repeat Exercise twenty times.


Cycling is one of the effective exercises in weight loss, it requires great strength from the feet to keep the pedals moving, you can adopt it as a means of transportation to get faster results, as riding a bike for 40 minutes a day is an excellent way to maintain heart activity, general health, and lose weight.