Let Your Child Drink Tap Water For This Reason!

اترك طفلك يشرب الماء من الصنبور لهذا السبب!

Are you one of the people who stop their kids from drinking water straight from the tap and prefer to have them drink mineral water? Maybe you should reconsider.

A new study conducted by researchers in the United States of America showed that making children drink mineral water to avoid any contamination that the tap water may carry, may cause damage to their dental health that exceeds any desired benefit!

It is worth noting that people who drink water directly from the tap are usually more likely to have high levels of lead in the blood, but at the same time, tap water contains higher levels of fluoride, which directly contributes to reducing the chances of developing tooth decay.

The study showed that for every 3 people whose ages ranged from 2-19 years, the analyzes showed the presence of lead in certain proportions in their blood, there were 50% of them and were found to have tooth decay.

The mineral water fame began years ago, when a large proportion of people in different countries of the world switched to using mineral water as an alternative to tap water for fear of pollution and diseases.

In the United States alone, the percentage of mineral water sales in 2016 exceeded those recorded for soft drinks and soda sales in a previous year, registering an increase of 16% over the previous year.

Tooth decay is very common among American children in particular, and it is a health problem that cannot be underestimated, and it has many health, educational and material consequences in later times of the patient’s life.

Statistics in the United States of America found that nearly 40% of children in general were infected with tooth decay at least before reaching the age of entering the nursery, knowing that one out of every 5 children does not receive the appropriate treatment for tooth decay.

Many countries of the world supply tap water and support it with healthy elements, including fluoride, which protects the teeth from decay, and tooth decay is known to cause terrible pain to the injured, and if left untreated, it may cause the loss of some teeth completely.