The Warm Water And Lemon May Cause Your Teeth To Fall Out

الماء الدافئ والليمون قد يسبب تساقط أسنانك

Many people have replaced the tea with warm water and lemon, but without realizing that this could harm their health!

Due to the health damage associated with consuming caffeine, many people have replaced these drinks with warm water and lemon, but dentists warn of the risks of this.

Where dentists have advised not to do this, as acidic drinks carry great damage to the teeth.

The acids in citrus fruits can damage the enamel layer, exposing it to shedding.

Doctors reported that consuming one cup of warm water and lemon causes damage to the teeth, as the existing piece of lemon carries double levels of acidity compared to a lemonade drink.

Doctors at King’s College London’s Dental Institute noted that drinking a cup of warm water and lemon twice a day doubles the risk of tooth loss by about 11 times.

Doctors emphasized that these acids are fast acting in the event that such water is present in a warm environment.

On the other hand, eating rosemary, for example, is a safe choice for those who want to avoid caffeinated drinks and keep their teeth.

The doctors added in their study, which was published in the British Dental Journal, that the drink of warm water and lemon has become very popular in recent times, and this matter would increase and compound dental problems.

Based on the findings of the doctors, they cautioned against consuming this drink and replacing it with a safer one.